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Title: Yellow cards against malady: a critical programme evaluation nn the Makati Health Programme (MHP) or the yellow card programme of Makati City
Authors: Calpatura, Ariadna Mira F.
Keywords: Yellow card program
Makati healthcare program
Healthcare system
Issue Date: May-2015
Abstract: Components of a healthcare system both include healthcare provision and health financing. The healthcare system in the Philippines is seen to be insufficient for the needs of the masses, both in terms of financing and provision. The inadequacy of healthcare in the Philippines is pointed to the strong out-of-pocket health financing in the country, despite the existence of PhilHealth, sub-par healthcare resources, and the devolved nature of healthcare in the Philippines. The aforementioned elements, and the strong private sector provision of healthcare services have been pointed to as reasons why many people in the Philippines have insufficient access to healthcare. The Makati Health Programme (MHP), also known as the Yellow Card Programme, provides a contrast to the usual dilemma of the masses when in terms of access to healthcare services. Branded as Makati City's most famous card, the programme aims to increase the citizens' accessibility to healthcare services by subsidising 75%-100% of the hospital bill at the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak). This research probes if the MHP has indeed democratised access to healthcare services in the city. The study takes on a critical programme evaluation approach which takes into consideration the insights of the cardholders and the Makati Health Programme Office (MHPO), as well as the statistics and other archival data of the programme. Quantitative and qualitative data were gathered in order to have a clear basis for the recommendations to improve the programme.
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