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Authors: Magboo, Vincent Peter C.
Aguinaldo, Mon Karlo
Keywords: Information System
Virtual Tour
Virtual Reality
3D Modeling
3D Graphics
Web-based Virtual Tour
Pledges and Donations System
Issue Date: May-2007
Abstract: The Web Portal with Virtual Tour of the Proposed Sports Science and Wellness Center is a web-based application designed to automate the pledges and donation system of the proposed Sports Science and Wellness Center. The web-based application also has a virtual tour of the proposed Sports Science and Wellness Center. The system consists of several users namely: prospective donors, coordinator, the college dean, and the system administrator. The portal allows the visitors or prospective donors to view the different photo albums of the Sports Science and Wellness Center, view the Virtual Tour, view the pledges and donations, and support SSWC by adding a pledge of donation. The coordinators on the other hand, are able to update the photo albums by allowing them to add and delete photos. The coordinators can also update the pledges and donations by allowing them to delete pledges, convert pledges to donations, add donations, and edit donations. The coordinator can view the list of prospective donors and donation summary report of a selected month and year. The coordinator can also edit his/her password. The College of Arts and Sciences Dean is allowed to view the photos, virtual tour, and pledges and donations. The dean can view the donation summary report of a selected month and year. The dean can edit his/her password. The administrators are allowed to maintain the users of the system by being able to view, add, and delete an entry.
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