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Title: Developing a Dental Information System with OpenMRS (Open DentIS)
Authors: Chua, Richard Bryann L.
Lee, Aurielle Junine T.
Keywords: dental information system
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Abstract: Developing a Dental Information System with OpenMRS, Open DentIS, offers to provide UPCD clinicians free and high quality electronic dental records system. These dental records are shared via network. The electronic dental records, which are securely organized, can be store and accessed easily and quickly compared to paper dental records. Moreover, the system provides a graphical representation of the teeth. Drawing and color representations are added with just a few clicks. Open DentIS also offers to increase access to the information in dental records making it easier for clinicians to look for patients with a specific kind of disease or patients who need a certain kind of treatment. To be able to keep track of changes made in the dental records, the system used an archiving feature. This way, comparisons are easily made among the dental records of the patient. A record views log is also applied in order to keep track of the clinicians who view dental records. Lastly, Open DentIS makes use of OpenMRS's concept dictionary feature by creating dental lexicon based on the UP College of Dentistry terminologies in order to standardize the dental terms.
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