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Title: Admiral apartments and hotel: assessing its cultural significance through heritage values
Authors: Simangan, Jeraldynne H.
Keywords: Admiral Apartments and Hotel
Philippine cultural heritage
Philippine cultural landmarks
Issue Date: May-2018
Abstract: This study concerns the case of old structures being destroyed to pave way to newer structures and buildings. The study looked into the case of the Admiral Apartments and Hotel along Dewey Boulevard. The case was assessed by searching through various documents, related literatures, site visit, and expert interviews. The framework of this study follows the planning process framework of the Getty Institute and the system of heritage conservation by the Burra Charter of Australia. The Triple-Helix theory was also fundamental to this study. The Admiral Apartments and Hotel was not just an old building that stood for a long time along Dewey Boulevard. It was once a great attraction in the area of Malate. This study aims to show that it possessed heritage values but was neglected and ignored by both the government and the developer which then led to its demolition. Aside from the old world charm of its architecture, Admiral Apartments was a vital structure that marks the development of the Dewey Boulevard. The building was also a witness to the dreadful days of Manila. It did survive the wrath of the war but not the force of modernization and development.
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