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dc.contributor.advisorMagboo, Vincent Peter C.-
dc.contributor.authorBadidles, Pierce Bryan P.-
dc.description.abstractA large barrier to training the next generation of bioinformaticians is that few students are attracted to both biology and computer science. The problem is more obvious in biodiversity informatics in which data is collected in the field and computational methods are derived in the computer laboratory. A biodiversity informatics system may greatly satisfy the need to systemize the data in a format, which is usable by the decision-making individuals and institutions. Many people are also unaware of the different biodiversity issues and species decline, endangerment and extinction. The Mt Isarog Biodiversity Information System contains the different biodiversity data in the database for the studies of biologists in Mt Isarog. The biologist can update the species database and store data on environmental factors such as rainfall, temperature ad humidity. Users can view all these information inputted by the biologist. Users can also view the map of Mt Isarog, view FAQ’s on biodiversity issues in Mt Isarog, and view the message board containing biodiversity issues. Registered users can post new topics and messages on the message board. The Government Representative can upload laws/legislations pertinent to Mt Isarog. The System Administrator can update user accounts and moderate the message board.en_US
dc.subjectMt. Isarogen_US
dc.subjectEndangered Speciesen_US
dc.titleMt Isarog Biodiversity Information Systemen_US
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