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Title: Collaboratory for Epidemiological Research (CEpiR)
Authors: Chua, Richard Bryann L.
Acuzar, Carmel Francesca A.
Keywords: collaboratory
epidemiological data
epidemiological research
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Abstract: Even though there is a need for collaboration in the field of epidemiology, there is no existing system that allows Philippine-based researchers and epidemiologists to collaborate and share data and information among themselves. This need is addressed by the Collaboratory for Epidemiological Research (CEpiR) by providing an interactive system where researchers and epidemiologists can join projects and have a common storage for data and information. CEpiR enables researchers and epidemiologists to search for projects listed in the system thus avoiding research repetition. Also, the system allows researchers and epidemiologists to request for membership in any project. Once approved, the system will enable these users to manage and share epidemiological data, references and other relevant materials for the project with their research partners.
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