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Title: Online Reloading of Internet Prepaid Cards With Pop-Up Notification (ISP.NET)
Authors: Baes, Gregorio B.
Hubac, Jennyfer C.
Keywords: Internet Service Provider
Prepaid System
Remote Access Server
Public Switched Telephone Network
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Abstract: Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer dial-up connection. Dial-up connection is established for the convenience of the consumers since it is the easiest and cheapest form of internet connection. Online Reloading of Internet Prepaid Cards with Pop-Up Notification also known as ISP.NET is an ISP which provides the users with the following features: Personalization of accounts, online reloading of accounts, online purchasing of cards, peer-to-peer passing of internet hours, online checking of internet usage, as well as, online viewing of internet cards reloaded since the first reload. The main feature of this system is the Pop-up notification which alerts the user if his internet balance reached a specified threshold. The ISP.NET has admin panel wherein the administrator(s) can change password, add another admin account, view current administrators, search user accounts, browse user accounts, view online users, generate cards, browse cards, as well as, manage card types, manage banks and manage promo hours. This admin panel is developed for the expediency of the administrators handling the system.
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