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Title: Nearest Hospital Search and Inquiry System
Authors: Baes, Gregorio B.
Martirez, Meybel R.
Keywords: hospital
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Abstract: Because of the overlapping problems beset by health institutions, various systems and development programs are made to improve our health care delivery services. Aside from the online medical services rendered for the public, SMS technology greatly helps in disseminating health-related information. Nearest Hospital Search and Inquiry System is a web-based application that generates clinical data provided by the registered hospitals. It allows both registered and general users to issue their queries on the hospital nearest to their location, doctors’ schedule of activities and the list of available facilities and specialties. With its SMS application it could determine the hospital they need provided that the categories are specified. Users may readily send their inquiries anytime and anywhere. Reports from the working system are sent back to the mobile users as well as the correct syntax for errors in message forma
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