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Title: PGH Pharmacy Inventory and Patient Medication Purchase System
Authors: Baes, Gregorio B.
Reyes, Rommel U.
Keywords: Inventory System
Database System
Purchase System
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Abstract: The PGH Pharmacy Inventory and Patient Medication Purchase System is a web-based system that would automate the inventory of the PGH Pharmacy Network and the purchase of medication and supplies of in-patients. It consists of several users, namely: nurse, head pharmacist, ordinary pharmacist, supply officer and the system administrator. The nurse can order supplies, view the inventory of pharmacies within her group, generate medication billing, and return unused supplies. An ordinary pharmacist can update the pharmacy inventory relative to over the counter orders and view the inventory of pharmacies and storeroom within his group. The head pharmacist can perform all functions of an ordinary pharmacist. In addition, he can update the inventory of the pharmacy relative to orders from other pharmacies. The supply officer maintains the storeroom inventory. He is also in charge of reordering supplies to the supplier, and he can also view the inventory of pharmacies within his group, as well as the storeroom of the other group. The system administrator can update user, pharmacy, and storeroom profiles.
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