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Title: "KAWOMYNAN" Unraveling the Struggles and Successes of the Female Members of Iglesia Filipina Independiente
Authors: Hebron, Kayla Marie Belle C.
Keywords: Patriarchy
Lived experiences
Roles and functions
Treatment of women
Sources of happiness and fulfillment
Sources of challenges
Covert-feudal ideology
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: “KAWOMYNAN" is a phenomenological study on the essence of being a female member of Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) through examining their lived experiences: the roles and functions they play; how they are treated; the sources of their fulfillment or happiness; the sources of their challenges. Female IFI members were asked to highlight their experiences as part of a religious denomination which advocates the end of women’s oppression amidst a patriarchal society. The 5 participants were from the National Cathedral in Taft, Manila; ages 19-30; worshipping at least 2 years. Data were gathered through in-depth interviews; focus group discussions; participant observation and micro-ethnography. Data were conceptualized using feminism and phenomenology as theoretical lenses. Results showed that the ultimate role of females is being priests although some duties are designated based on biological characteristics. Women are treated like “little sisters” yet only seen as co-equals and discriminated secretly via a covert feudal ideology. Women’s sources of challenges are within themselves and the church and against the status quo. The sources of fulfillment are GOD, the other church members and the status and ideology of the church. The essence of being a female IFI is as a pillar; an embodiment; and a seed-bearer of the church.
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