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Title: Health Application for Natural Products Information System for Plants (HANAPIN-SP)
Authors: Chua, Richard Bryann L.
Custodio, Gerard Joseph A.
Keywords: ontology
natural products
plant information system
Issue Date: Oct-2010
Abstract: Research on plant natural products is a fast growing field of research among scientists in the Philippines. As to any research would agree, compiling and storing different types of files is a hard task. Health Application for Plant Natural Products - System for Plants, HANAPIN-SP, caters to most problems researchers of natural products might encounter regarding storing, sharing and compiling data sources. The system constructed in this study provides researchers with an interactive system keeping them updated all the time about their projects. The system also provides researchers a mean of sharing their researches to the research community. The system allowed researchers to store important references to the research community. The system allowed researchers to store important references under their projects. References are important especially for other researchers wanting to understand the work of other researchers. With the help of the search functionalities, users can search for other projects and therefore lessen the probability of doing duplicate work. HANAPIN-SP was able to provide researchers a repository of their research projects which is secured and intellective. To keep data organized and easy to understand, the system used a Plant Ontology. The ontology served as guide, or a format, for data stored inside the system. In HANAPIN-SP, ontology played a major part for the data fields of each active compound. Each active compound is the output of an experiment and therefore should always be presented as complete and as organized as possible. HANAPIN-SP is a system wherein various researchers can collaborate with other researchers towards the development of ground-breaking and unique researches.
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