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Title: Quality of life of Filipino male and female older persons active in their religious organizations.
Authors: Uy, Mary Kamylle-Ashley Ragaza
Keywords: Quality of life
Elderly Filipinos
Religious activities
Religious groups
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: This study assessed the level of quality of life of elders, aged 60 to 80 who are active members of a religious organization using an adapted questionnaire from Dr. Shelly Dela Vega’s masteral thesis. Twenty-five (25) participants were selected from two types of religious organization-institution affiliated and church based within Metro Manila. A mixed method was used in this study, employing a survey questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. Results showed that most of the elderly have high perceived quality of life. Being faithful helped them to see their problems as challenges and thus have better outlook in life regardless of the differences in the types of activities and formality of the organization. Although having a relatively high quality of life, it was found out that religious organizations also experiences political issues and conflicts within the group which may also affect their perceived happiness in joining such groups. It was observed that financial matters within an organization (especially those groups with money involved) also cause conflict even in religious groups. Differences in gender influenced their means for income which is needed in their health accessibility and physical health. Gender variation also reflects on the type of activities each organization is into-males are more formal and social status-related while females are more with different activities and less formal.
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