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Title: Booster, Kicker, Pusher: consumption behavior on energy drinks among Business Process Outsourcing workers.
Authors: Diosmano, Francis Erik E.
Keywords: Energy drinks
Energy drinks--Consumption
Energy drinks--Effects
Business Process Outsourcing workers
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This study entitled "Booster, Kicker, Pusher: Consumption Behavior on Energy Drinks among Business Process Outsourcing Workers" is a descriptive study on the consumption behavior of energy drinks among Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) workers. In order to paint a picture of the participants’ energy drink consumption behavior, data was gathered on their socio-demographics, purchased brands, frequency of consumption, reasons for consumption, and perceived effects of consumption. To do this, a questionnaire was prepared and a purposive sample of 40 male and 40 female BPO workers from 4 BPO sites namely Affiliated Computer Services of the Philippines, Startek, Orchid Cybertech Services, and Convergys were surveyed. Afterwards, Focused Group Discussions were held with 5 males and 5 females participating. Analysis of the data revealed that BPO workers do consume energy drinks with brands, Sting, Extra Joss, Red Bull, and Cobra as most consumed. Consumption is done to satisfy a consumer’s need e.g. to wake up, to finish work, to tide them over till shift’s end, etc. Participants reported generally agreeing with the selling points and use of energy drinks - to keep awake, get extra energy, improve performance, feel energized, or create a desirable image. They also reported being aware of the negative effects of energy drink consumption and consider these as a price paid to satisfy their need. Participants considered energy drink consumption abuse to be a decision left to the individual, but cautioned on the unhealthy effects of abuse and that proper diet and rest is preferable to reliance on energy drinks.
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