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Title: Tough pink: a descriptive study on discrimination and becoming lipstick lesbian.
Authors: Ong, Ariane
Keywords: Lipstick lesbian
Sandra Bem’s Gender Schema Theory
Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory
Female changing sexuality
Sex discrimination
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Abstract: This study aims to know if there is a degree of predictability between the variables discrimination and becoming lipstick lesbian. The researcher will employ a descriptive purposive survey research design - specifically descriptive survey design for the study. To analyze the data, the researcher used Sandra Bem’s Gender Schema Theory, and Albert Bandura’s Social learning Theory as well as Chi-square independent and cross tabulation. The researcher targeted 30 respondents, a baseline number for conducting quantitative study, since there are no statistics provided to determine the population of lipstick lesbians in the Philippines. The study is not going to probe the effects of discrimination or the defense mechanism that is being employed but it is focused primarily with the phenomenon of changing sexuality after experiencing discrimination. Using a Chi-Square test, the 2-sided p-value is 0.637. As the universal rule dictates, that the researcher has to accept the null hypothesis. In the end, the researcher recommends that: (1) Coping Mechanisms should be under study; (2) What is the family’s role in determining successful formation of the identity of each lipstick lesbian and; (3) solidify advocacies for the lesbians in general to give them a face and a voice in the society.
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