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Title: Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants used by Aeta in Baranggay Inararo, Porac, Pampanga.
Authors: Macahilas, Shaira Ann C.
Keywords: Aeta
Medicinal plants
Medicinal Herbs
Medicine, Traditional
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Abstract: Being the first settlers of the country, the Aeta have been utilizing plants for medicinal purpose for centuries. An open-ended guided interview was done in 32 Aeta participants in Brgy. Inararo, Porac, Pampanga to survey the plants with medicinal importance in their community. Results showed that there are 157 species utilized by the Aeta for 32 categories of ailments. These plant species were found to be distributed among 116 genera belonging to 52 families. Leaves are mostly utilized as cure for different ailments. Decoction is the most commonly employed method of preparation wherein 7 pieces of leaves are boiled in 7 cups of water. Most of the herbal preparations are administered orally to the patients until the condition improves. The most utilized plant arranged according to importance, include Psidium guajava (UV=1.63) followed by Zingiber officinale (UV=0.66), Imperata cylindrica (UV=0.66), Allium sativum (UV=0.66), Cocos nucifera (UV=0.59), Blumea balsamifera (UV=0.56), Gliricidia sepium (UV=0.56), Vitex negundo (UV=0.53), Tamarindus indica (UV=0.53), Citrus x microcarpa (UV=0.50), and Manihot esculenta (UV=0.50). The medicinal uses provided by the informants are mostly supported by literatures. Uses which have been documented in the interview but were not reflected in the published literatures were considered of novel use and includes the use of Zingiber officinale as an emenagouge, Cocos nucifera and Blumea balsamifera as aid in childbirth, Imperata cylindrica as cure for urinary infection and measles, and Gliricidia sepium as cure for colds.
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