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Title: Academic Freedom: A Study of Its Practice in the University of the Philippines Manila
Authors: Esteban, Kaizel Anne G.
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Abstract: This research is about the practice of academic freedom in the University of the Philippines Manila. Academic freedom has been a controversial topic which attracted much discussions and debates. Academic communities are being targeted because of their ability to shape and control the flow of information. With this, academic freedom has been struggling against threats and outside forces. However, not only threats are subject to heated debates but also charges of abuses of its practice. In this research, the general accepted concept and principle of academic freedom is presented as well as its rationale, forms, limits, alleged abuses, and cases in other countries. Likewise, the researcher viewed the academic freedom exercised in the University of the Philippines with focus on its practice in its Manila Campus. Aside from book and internet sources about academic freedom in the University, the researcher documented the views and opinions of different university constituents namely the faculty, officials, and students. The main purpose of obtaining their views is to know if academic freedom has been implemented, if there have been abuses in its practice, if being a health science campus might mean different observance of it, and it there are recommendations to further uphold and enhance its practice.
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