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Title: Effect of sulfur dioxide on the asymmetry of wing vein traits in Drosophila melanogaster
Authors: De Villa, Caila Noelin D.
De Guzman, Andronico Lear B.
Rozee, William Derek F.
Keywords: Sulfur dioxide
Drosophila melanogaster
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Abstract: Developmental noise in the organism is known to be associated with a change in the pattern of the asymmetry of bilateral traits. The study focuses on the effect of sulfur dioxide gas, a main component of smog, on the bilateral asymmetry of Drosophila melanogaster wings when exposed during the larval stage. Three treatment groups of fly larvae, designated as no exposure (NSE), low exposure (LSE) and high exposure (HSE) were exposed to 0, 0.04 and 0.4 ppm of SO2, respectively. Measurement of 35 wing vein traits (based on 9 designated landmark points) was followed by the standard protocol for the analysis of fluctuating asymmetry. Two traits in the males of the NSE group showed asymmetry, while none was observed among the flies in the SO2 exposed groups. The possibility of inbreeding depression and selection against asymmetric specimens in the SO2 exposed groups is discussed..
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