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Title: A case study on the feminization of the police force in Manila.
Authors: Duhaylungsod, Erika Elaine G.
Keywords: Police women
Female law enforcers
Gender sensitivity
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: This study was conducted to find out the conditions of our fellow women police officers that are working inside the Manila Police District. Female law enforcers make an interesting topic because aside from the fact that their workplace is a perfect environment for studying women empowerment, there are also little studies done which focuses on them. The research made use of an intensive interview and follows a set of semi-structured questionnaires which they are supposed to answer. To back up the answers made by the respondents, gathering of data from other various sources were made. The research made use of essays, articles, and studies of other notable authors as well as the utilization of reliable internet sources. As the study was able to get the needed information through the methodology said above, it was discovered that behind these advancements that women are experiencing inside the Manila Police District, they are still exposed to different kinds of male aggression. The research also found out that gender insensitivity of men towards their female officers still occurs. The study concluded that there is a necessity for building awareness among all police officers inside the Manila Police District. There are still several issues that need addressing especially with the invisible kind of discrimination that is being experienced by women of today.
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