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Title: Public-Private Partnership (PPP): a case study of the Philippine Heart Center for Asia (PHCA).
Authors: Bautista, Jona Marie Bentijaba
Keywords: Public-Private Partnership
Philippine Heart Center for Asia
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Abstract: Health is defined by the World Health Organization as a state of complete physical, mental and social well–being and not just the absence of disease. At present, the plight of our country hinders us to achieve the right to health, a basic social service that has to be available and accessible for all, and more importantly, provided by the national government. That being said, it is clearly blatant on how huge the role of the government has in order to fulfill this right. However, it has been the current trend of the national government to pass the burden of providing health care to the private corporations rather than them who should be bearing it. Social services are the only means by which the government can offer a semblance of wealth redistribution – by taxing the haves to deliver services to the have–nots in society. As it pushes its responsibility of providing public utilities and social services to the back, it eventually loses the capacity to provide these. Health is starting to be for sale, commodified, and the worst effect would be to the indigent.
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