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Title: Political patronage in Philippine culture: the NCCA under the Arroyo administration.
Authors: Bruselas, Angelique Danielle Marie Mathay
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Abstract: This study explores the state of Philippine Culture and the Arts under the Arroyo Administration. It examines the practice of political patronage in Philippine culture in line with the controversial 2009 National Artist Awards. Included in the study are assessments of the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan for Culture and the Arts, 2004-2010 as well as the General Appropriations Acts, 2002-2010. In addition to the evaluation of programs, policies, prospects, and functions of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the study investigates the politicization of culture and its relation with cultural imperialism, globalization, and hegemony. In gathering data, pertinent documents were obtained from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the National Library, and the National Historical Institute. Other necessary texts, files, and statistics were acquired from the House of Representatives of the Philippines through the Committee on Appropriations as well as the Senate of the Philippines, other concerned agencies, and executive offices. Relevant theories were sourced from a diverse range of books and an array of previous and related studies. Credible broadsheets, magazines and applicable news articles were used as reference as well. Primary data was attained by conducting interviews with key informants, through email correspondence with field authorities, and from statements released during relevant press conferences and symposia. Major findings of the study include an illustration of the actual state of Philippine culture and the arts under the management of the Arroyo cabinet; indications of the practice of political patronage in the institution of culture and the arts as well as its implications on Philippine society; and, the relationship linking the politicization of culture with a growing phenomenon known as cultural globalization.
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