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Title: NIH-TRB Research Monitoring and Tracking Information System (ReMTIS 2.0)
Authors: Solano, Geoffrey S.
Duldulao, Maria Angelica T.
Keywords: research management
technical review board
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Abstract: The creation of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the UP Manila System was a boost to the University’s existing research infrastructure. Research Monitoring and Tracking Information System (ReMTIS 2.0) enables research facilitators of NIH to manage health research records and ensure secured, convenient and systematic flow of information with emphasis on the Technical Review Board of NIH. Protocol information is stored in a single database. This reduces the problems of redundancy and inconsistencies using a paper-based system and OpenOffice applications. It also allows users to view protocol information depending on their role. This allows not only sharing but also distinction and confidentiality among the records. It also serves as an electronic tracking system of research projects with the use of a notification system and a calendar system that help prevent time management issues. The system also allows administrative report generation.
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