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Title: An inquiry into the role of labor unions in liberating workers from unfair labor practices: the Kowloon House West Workers Union experience.
Authors: Angeles, Leanne Chualong
Keywords: Kowloon House West Workers Union
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Abstract: The purpose of this study on labor unionism was to inquire into the roles genuine, pro- worker labor unions play in liberating workers from capitalist oppression and unfair labor practices. It was conducted in the form of a case study, taking into account the particular experience of the Kowloon House West Workers Union (KHWWU) in Kowloon House Restaurant-West Ave. branch. Moreover, this study intended to explore on the perception of Kowloon House workers concerning the role of labor unions in promoting workers‘ right and welfare. It is also aimed to investigate on the reasons behind union members‘ non-participation in protest actions led by their union, particularly considering the Kowloon House experience. In gathering data, an exploratory survey accomplished through one-on-one, face-to-face interview with 56 members of the Union was conducted. Multi-level sampling method was used in choosing the respondents to be covered by the exploratory survey-interview – first, stratifying them whether they joined the strike launched by the Union last September 2008 or not, then, randomly selecting them from the list of members provided by the Union. In the end of the study, major findings were summarized and recommendations were formulated. The major findings suggest that Kowloon House workers believe that their union, indeed, plays an indispensable role in their pursuit for emancipation from exploitation and unfair labor practices in the workplace. Moreover, the study also showed that decision of union members when it comes to participating in protest activities led by their union is affected by fear of management and of the risk of losing their job due to participation.
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