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Title: Lipstick Ideology: a study verifying a direct association of exploitation of women to the proliferation of direct selling industry in the Philippines.
Authors: Catolico, Ma. Cherissa Chan
Keywords: Lipstick Ideology
Direct selling industry
Filipino women
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Abstract: The purpose of the thesis has been to present the student and readers with a significant understanding in the direct selling industry. A vast of Filipino women gained enough desire to get involved in this industry because of the relatively high income while at home, in a flexible working time and independence from the employer-employee relations. The multinational corporations’ claim of empowering the women is a bourgeois interpretation of women’s emancipation. Furthermore, women are enticed into consuming and marketing of these consumer goods offered by the direct selling companies. This study focuses on the real situation of Filipino women lured to become a dealer of the direct selling business while capitalists’ profit at their expense.
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