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Title: A critical analysis of the government’s reintegration program for returning overseas Filipino workers.
Authors: Politud, Frances Ann D.
Keywords: OFW reintegration program
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The paper discusses and gives critical assessment on the efforts of the Philippine government to reintegrate returning migrant workers into the country’s economy and society. Given that phenomenon of labor migration, eventual return of these migrant workers is expected. Unfortunately, the cycle of (re)migration exists wherein returned migrant workers, again, resort to working abroad to find employment instead of staying in the country for good. Reintegration programs provided for by the government aims to break this cycle by offering financial and technical assistance, scholarships and trainings, and referrals to local jobs. How effective are these programs in addressing to the needs of returning migrants is the question at hand. The paper describes how international labor migration became an enduring feature in the country’s development. It also discusses the characteristics of migrant returnees and why is there a need for government intervention to successfully integrate them into the local economy. Long term and short term prospects were discussed and economic, demographic, political and environmental factors were considered as factors affecting the future developments in successfully reintegrating returning migrant workers.
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