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Title: Political economy of road construction: the R1 expressway extension case.
Authors: Cauton, Maricor Anne DG.
Keywords: Road construction
Public infrastructures
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Abstract: Construction of public infrastructures affects the economy, environment and human development especially in developing countries. Researches reveal that about 10-15% of the global burden of poverty is associated with lack of efficient road networks to access remotest area and bring social services as well as economic opportunities. However, the effects of this infrastructure building on fisher folks in Bacoor, Cavite have, so far, not been well-documented. This study sought to provide information on the occupational and environmental hazards encountered by the fishermen vis-à-vis existing government policies on public infrastructures. Also, the study aims to provide information on health and human development issues in the area and its effects on fishermen’s well-being. The proponent of the study used the survey method to gather primary data from one hundred (100) fisher folks in Longos and Wawa I communities in Bacoor, Cavite and archival research to deepen the researcher’s knowledge about the broad discourse of the topic. The data is critically analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and the results are presented in graphical forms such as bar and pie graphs. Also, the findings will be presented using tables and percentages. The Philippines, as it moves towards development, give much focus on industrialization and globalization. Amidst the global recession, it still aims to attract foreign investments through public infrastructures and facilities’ enhancement and development but is it for the betterment or detriment of its constituency?
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