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dc.contributor.authorRigodon, Bea Fatima V.-
dc.description.abstractThis undergraduate thesis gives emphasis to the alarming concern of bureaucratic and political corruption in our country over the past years. The abuse of public power for private gain is the simplest yet coherent definition of corruption. True enough, as people have witnessed over the years, a great number of political leaders or government officials have abused their share of power for personal benefit. Corruption remains to be a big predicament that the government and the Filipinos are incessantly dealing with. This research highlights some of the most high-profile cases that have shaken up the country. Some of these cases have involved top political figures engaging in scandalous anomalies that caused a stain or even worse the breakdown of their administration. Furthermore, this paper stresses the position that the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is holding in investigating these cases. The responsibility of the Senate in waging a war with corruption and on how they have unraveled the loopholes in these cases will be given light. Moreover, this research will give the most recent details regarding these cases; whether or not they have been resolved or still under inquiry.en_US
dc.subjectBureaucrat capitalismen_US
dc.subjectPolitical corruptionen_US
dc.titleBureaucrat Capitalism: a study on selected cases filed before the Philippine Senateen_US
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