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Title: An in-depth analysis of the military activities in the selected communities of the City of Manila.
Authors: Torres, Archiesyl S.
Keywords: Military in urban areas
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This research is designed to find an analysis to the issue that is usually looked upon by any ordinary citizen. This is the deployment of the military in urban areas. Since there were several barangays where the troops have been deployed, the study will center on the three highly urbanized areas—Brgy. 20 of parola Tondo, Brgy. 649 of Baseco, Port Area, and Brgy. 590 of Sta. Mesa, all three are located in the city of Manila. A sample population of 35 residents per barangay was gathered to record such encounters with the military. Also, victims of human rights violations were interviewed to validate their accounts and to obtain primary source for the research. Is the military really needed in the cities? Or are they more helpful if they went to the countryside? If they are indeed helping the people to reduce poverty from these depressed communities, unlike the communist rebels who try to dream of the impossible, as former Major Dolorfino said, then why does the military create a chilling effect among the residents? Numerous case files were reported before the Commission of Human Rights, and the press has played its part in exposing the wrongdoings of the military. This research analyzes the true story behind these deployments and whose interested were they really serving—those of the masses or of the local elite. This research is qualitative in nature and the respondents are to remain nameless to ensure their security and anonymity. Lastly, key informants from the Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace and the Office of the Civil Service Relations Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines were interviewed to secure a balanced and objective study.
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