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Title: Metro Muslim: a study on the resettlement of Filipino Muslims in Metro Manila
Authors: Gagarin, Mae Angeline R.
Keywords: Muslim urban resettlement
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Abstract: It is human beings’ most innate nature to be rational. In their everyday struggle for survival, they are forced to adapt with what meager resources the surrounding community can provide them with. When this situation reaches this breaking point, people search for greener pastures and a need for a change in environment arises. Migration is defined as a geographical movement of people from one place to another, typically for the purpose of establishing a temporary or permanent residence. Internal migration is the transfer of human population through mobilization, this time within the confines of a country’s definite geographic boundaries. There have been many studies and theories that have tried to break down the specific and individual reasons for migration and many have been created or conducted within the Philippine context. This thesis deals with the migration situation of the largest minority groups here in the Philippines – the Muslims. It attempts to explain their most probable causes, what patterns can be observed in their migration, and their perceived effects, both before and after their domestic change of environment, politically, economically, religio-culturally, and socially. The perception of the Filipino Muslims had become significant factors in their present conditions in their new resettlement areas. These in turn could affect the patterns of Muslim immigration to Metro Manila, as these would be the basis of their motives for migration.
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