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Title: A comparative study of the services of PGH and MDH for their charity patients.
Authors: Laforteza, Margaret Pearl P.
Keywords: Hospital services
Philippine General Hospital
Manila Doctors Hospital
Philippine health care system
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Abstract: Everyone is susceptible to disease. In fact, Filipinos are reminded everyday, through advertisements and television programs, to have regular check-ups and to take necessary pharmaceutical products. However, majority of the Filipinos are poor and are not financially capable to take care of their health. The indigents find themselves confined in hospitals which can request expensive payment. Health is wealth but health care comes at a price. Hospitals, both public and private, provide services and facilities to charity patients but not everything comes for free. The penniless patients do receive treatment but their woes and complaints prove that the Philippine health care system is in need of an overhaul.
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