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Title: GEEBBO: Generic, Easy-to-manage Expert system Builder for Business Organizations (Using Drools) A
Authors: Carpio, Avegail D.
Del Rosario, Genesie Jo A.
Keywords: expert system
business rules management system
business rules
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Abstract: Expert systems are very helpful in solving problems quickly and efficiently within a specialized domain. From simple decision making to medical diagnosis, the applications of expert systems now also include business processes. But because the business world is ever changing, business experts may find it difficult to manage and update their business rules. Hence the need for a user-friendly business rules management system that can be adapted to by different types of business organizations, hence the development of GEEBBO. With the help of Drools, GEEBBO (Generic, Easy-to-manage, Expert system Builder for Business Organizations) allows business experts and organizations to easily manage their business rules. GEEBBO provides a simple way for developers to create a web-based expert system. The system administrator manages the settings and the users of the system. The knowledge engineer or programmer handles the objects that will be used by the author, who, in turn, writes or encodes the rules given by the expert. The end-users can choose any available ruleset, supply the needed facts or data, and view the results produced by the rule engine
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