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Title: An evaluation of CHD’s alternative health care system at the community level.
Authors: Abrenica, Earle Ceo Dela Cruz
Keywords: Council for Health and Development
Community based health programs
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Abstract: This paper will serve as an evaluation of the Council for Health and Development’s forty-year performance as of year 2013. It will serve as an unbiased critique so as to aid in the improvement of their services. In order to do so, the researcher will interview the head of the Advocacy and Research Department, Ms. Kat Berza, as she is most informed of the programs and mobilizations that the council participates in. After the data gathering, the researcher found out that the council has been well-adjusted to social changes and technological innovations that the country has went through. They also consult with credible research institutions such as the IBON FOUNDATION to supplement their theoretical foundations. They also offer non-band aid solutions but rather grassroots and long-term benefitial answers to problems that communities face. They, however, just like any other organization are still flawed. The council still needs to improve on its information dissemination mechanism, the level of skills of their Community Based health Programs and staff, Luzon-centeredness, and their social impact management. It is then recommended by the researcher that the council focus on these flaws, improve on their strengths, and if possible, create a self-evaluating mechanism so as they further improve as the years go by, letting them adapt well to the constant flux of society.
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