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Title: Navigation Decision Support System Based on Real-Time Traffic Conditions and Traffic Incidents Using Crowdsourcing
Authors: Solano, Geoffrey A.
Magpili, Mauro Felipe M.
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Abstract: Transportation and traffic problems have always been a major concern in developing countries due to its impact to the economy. Traffic conditions and traffic incidents, such as road accidents, flooded streets and closed roads, are some of key informations on deciding which route to take during travel. However, no system has been implemented to share this information among motorists that is accessible on the road. This study created a real-time navigation decision support system for motorists to help them make informed decisions while travelling. The system takes advantage of current technologies such as Global Positioning System, Graphical Information System, and Android in mapping traffic incidents and traffic conditions and uses crowdsourcing to collect the necessary data. This opens up future studies for long-range analysis of continuous long-range data, specifically traffic incidents and road conditions.
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