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Title: DynastyMap: An Interactive Data Visualization Tool on Political Dynasties in the Philippines
Authors: Magboo, Ma. Sheila
Rada, Lean Godffrey
Keywords: data visualization
political dynasty
geographical information system
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Abstract: Political dynasties are prevalent in Philippine politics. The relationship between the prevalence of political dynasties and other aspects of the country, such as poverty, may be studied using data visualization. In this paper, DynastyMap, a web-based map data visualization system was presented as a tool for studying data related to political dynasties in the Philippines. The choropleth map and the tag map were used as data visualization methods, with the choropleth showing various datasets and the tag map showing dynasty data. Using these visualizations with the right datasets, DynastyMap can be an effective tool for the study or presentation of political dynasty data in the Philippines.
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