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dc.contributor.advisorMagboo, Ma. Sheila-
dc.contributor.authorCarandang, Evangeline Louise-
dc.description.abstractExisting coronary heart disease risk calculators use different risk assessment mod- els and equations derived from foreign datasets that when compared to each other may have different interpretations and results. The calculators for the risk of CHD are also accessed separately, with their own implementation of code for calculations, from the calculators that predict the death from the disease. Users also cannot deter- mine which calculator is optimal to use since results varies and the different models validate the accuracy by testing it also with other models. Using the same point system for each model but a dataset from Philippine Heart Association CAD regsitry, new estimations for the equations are derived and used to compute for the probability of death or myocardial infarction from the disease. The results from the indicated models by PHA are displayed with their own interpretations as well as the result from the model derived from the Philippine dataset. The clinician could also enter some note to the patient that can be saved as a PDF file together with the patient information and risk assessment. The entered values in the calculator could also be used to generate statistical reports.en_US
dc.subjectcoronary heart diseaseen_US
dc.subjectregression analysisen_US
dc.subjectrisk calculatoren_US
dc.subjectrisk score modelsen_US
dc.titleOnline CHD Risk Assessment Calculator Based on Philippine Heart Association Guidelines and Dataseten_US
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