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Title: NutriMAC: A Web-based GIS for the Nutritional Monitoring and Assessment of Children 0-71 Months
Authors: Carpio, Avegail D.
Salcedo, Janella Marey G.
Keywords: operating timbang
geographic information system
special overlay
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Abstract: Operation Timbang is a program organized by the Department of Health that holds the annual mandatory weighing of children 0-71 months. Its primary objective is to monitor and identify the malnourished children. The current paper-based system of Operation Timbang makes data analysis hard and inaccurate. Using maps to visualize data makes interpretation of complex phenomena easier. With the internet, web-based GIS applications can be programmed as part of an interactive system in a website to expand access to public users. NutriMAC is a tool that uses maps to easily interpret trends in malnutrition. It can store children’s personal information and anthropometric data which is used to accurately calculate their malnutrition statuses.
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