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Authors: Co, Aldrich Colin K.
Marquez, Joanna Marie A.
Keywords: Bookmarking Tool
Annotation Tool
Google Chrome Extension
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Abstract: People nowadays use the Internet more frequently than they did before. One of the main reasons of web-use is for information gathering or researching. Since the web offers their users access to an array of information in different subject matters and with web-use varying from one person to another, an extensive range of web-based tools are strongly needed. Today, there are many applications that help in managing this problem in organization. Such tools facilitate Information Assimilation (IA) process thus grouping them into three categories namely: Web annotation, bookmarking and notetaking tools. Unfortunately, available applications do not offer all these actions or services. Most applications offer only two out of these three and some only offer them to its “premium members.” A Social Bookmarking and Annotation Tool caters to these limitations that other similar applications have. It provides all three of the mentioned Information Assimilation (IA) services. This tool has an online library wherein a user could view his saved objects, share it with others and even participate in discussions to find out related information more efficiently. Aside from that, the tool has an extension provided for Google Chrome users. Here one can annotate the current webpage and change the layout of the page into something easier to read.
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