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Title: “Adik ako, Wag Tularan” perception of college youth on the Taft Area regarding the issues of extrajudicial killings and war on drugs.
Authors: Blanco, Elijah Miguel Delos Santos
Keywords: Extra Judicial Killings,
War On Drugs,
Value Formation,
Issue Date: May-2017
Abstract: After the Inauguration of the new President Rodrigo Duterte as the leader of the nation, his first order of business was to eradicate drug users and pushers in the country as well as the criminals in the Philippines in 6 months. The result was countless bodies of ―alleged‖ drug users which flooded the streets, with cardboard signs on their necks. The research aimed to analyze the perception of the College youth on the Taft Area regarding the issues of the Extra Judicial Killings and the War on Drugs. The researcher aimed to find out if the education of the college youth, namely their college/universities shaped the way they viewed the issue at hand, as well as analyze if their views on the issue are the same with the ideologies and values their school uphold, as well as other political socialization factors that intervene with the value formation process of individuals. The research was conducted through a series of surveys in 3 schools on the Taft area namely, University of the Philippines – Manila, De La Salle University – Manila, and Philippine Christian University. The research also showed that education does have an impact, if not, made the most impact on the molding of the perception of the students, along with several factors such as religion and family. The research also showed that overall education is an integral part of the value formation process of individuals and should be given utmost priority, while giving the youth a platform on which they can share their opinions on matters concerning politics and government in the future.
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