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Title: Philippine Nursing Research Archive
Authors: Baes, Gregorio B.
Gutierrez, Minabelle L.
Keywords: online research repository
information technology in nursing research
quality health care
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: Philippine Nursing Research Archive is a web-based system designed to provide a centralized and advanced collection of nursing-related articles essential as references for information gathering in studies and in practice of the profession. This system is a breakthrough project of the Philippine Nursing Research Society that showcases various researches from different institutions around the Philippines that provide evidence to guide and improve nursing practice. Aside from the basic information on every article in this system such as authors and publication date, the research type, category and specification are also indicated for a more comprehensive search and understanding of what the article is about. This advancement in information dissemination makes it easier for researches to gather relevant data that can contribute to the improvement of health care in the country.
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