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Title: BEA3 (Sale) Almalki Electronic Basket An Online Electronic Reselling Store
Authors: Carpio, Avegail D.
Vergara, Erika Liza R.
Keywords: E-commerce
Stored Balance
Digital Store
Electronic Market
Network Money
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Abstract: Electronic marketing is the act of putting into use the internet as a marketing communications channel for small business or individuals. The relationship between organizations and consumers is increasingly being facilitated through electronic information technology (IT), thus marketplace transformation is occurring. The rapid increase in the number of people depending on the internet makes electronic business a booming industry. Swahl Company has been in business since 2009 as reseller of certain electronic items using the Bea3 system. But as competition increases, better implemented system is needed to support the growing needs of the customers. Account registration and the use of stored value account balance have been introduced to the system as well as proper data and content management. These features give Bea3 system flexibility to adapt to possible modifications this fast changing online world gives.
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