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Title: Fattener Pig Production Management System (FPPMS): An online production analysis and reporting tool for Red Dragon Farm
Authors: Co, Aldrich Colin K.
Go, Katherine Joyce L.
Keywords: pig production
management system
swine farm
online application
Red Dragon Farm
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Abstract: To determine productivity and profitability for pig producers is to determine the efficiency of the farm administration. Certain benchmarks have to be met and these values stem from different pig production areas like feed production, veterinary services, etc, that need to be constantly monitored every day. Comprehensive production records are very important but often lacking in many swine farms, especially for farms processing their records manually. As a result, proper evaluation of the daily performance of pigs becomes unreliable. It is for this reason that adapting an automated type of data processing is being considered by most SME companies, one of which is Red Dragon Farm. The Fattener Pig Production Management System is an online application that deals with data gathering and record-keeping of fattener pigs, processing these data to produce production performance indicators, interpreting these figures through tabular and graphical representation, generating batch performance, financial and employee performance summary reports and supporting top management’s decision-making for better management approaches.  With FPPMS, Red Dragon Farm can now efficiently process large amounts of data in real time. Results show an increase in data integrity and reliability. Farm managers and consultants are able to intervene immediately when a problem in production arises and opportunities for the improvement of farm management manifest themselves through the system.
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