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Title: TERMS (Ticket Escalation and Resolution Management System) with Treemap-based reporting system
Authors: Chua, Richard Bryann L.
Lunasin, Melissa Diaz
Keywords: trouble-ticket system
squarified treemap algorithm
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Abstract: The TERMS (Ticket Escalation and Resolution Management System) is a trouble-ticket system for storing and monitoring DSL-related complaints of PLDT DSL subscribers. Compared to the existing system, TERMS includes a treemap-based reporting module which summarizes all resolved DSL-related complaints stored into the system. Treemaps are space-filling figures used for visualizing large hierarchical data. Treemaps effectively use space, can display more information aside from structural relationship in one glance, can exploit color shading to represent attributes, and can help the user immediately identify large areas at once. In the treemap-based report, treemap properties such as the attribute to map color and size, duration covered and hierarchy of classification of nodes are customizable.
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