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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06In-silico Analysis of the Molecular Interactions between ICAM-1 and MIC2 for the Exploration of the Transepithelial migration of Toxoplasma gondii into Host CellsBergonio, Anna Katrina Ysabel Y.; Lao, Michelle G.
2020-06Ethnomedicinal Botany of Adams, Ilocos Norte, PhilippinesBugaoisan, Elijah Vincent R.; de Gracia, Roethe Isobelle Z.
2020-06Larvicidal Activity of Terminalia Microcarpa Decne Leaf Ethanolic Extract on Aedes Aegypti (L.)Dumago, Earl Edson D.; Quanico, Marie Ira Lou M.
2020-06Rediscovery of Begonia species in Mountain ProvinceTan, Merrill Denise C.; Sagayo III, Paul B.
2020-06Morphological Characterization of Three Begonia species in Mt. Polis, IfugaoBruel, John Emmanuel B.; Choa, Abigail T.
2021-06Targeting neuraminidase a of Multidrug-Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae: Virtual screening, docking, and redesigning of traditional Chinese Medicine CompoundsCacacho, Marianne Frances C.; Ghori, Hina Jasmemin C.
2021-08Mapping the Terrain of the Food-Health-Environment Nexus in the Philippines: A Planetary Health LensCacho, Charlene Jane L.; Salamanca, Eleonor C.
2021-06A systematic review on liquid biopsy for cancer diagnosis: basis for identifying gaps and areas for progress and developmentFernandez II, Christian Dayrit; Manaloto, Andrea Beatriz Castro
2021-06Profiling the Resistome of Microbial Communities from Unexplored Karst Forest Soils from Guiuan, Samar ProvinceLara, Zachary B.; Llenado, Clariel Dane Q.
2021-06In Silico Docking of Traditional Chinese Medicine Compounds and Novel Redesigned Ligands to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quinolone Signaling Proteins PqsA and PqsDDe Guzman, Natasha Danielle Sachiko L.; MadroƱo, Jose Alfonso C.