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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03Macroalgae and aquatic plant biodiversity and productivity between aquaculture and non-aquaculture sites within Taal Lake (Philippines).Salonga, Angelo M.; Garcia, Roxanne E.
2012-03A macroeconomic critique of the mining industry in the Philippines.Du, Sherlynn
2014-03Makina at pakikibaka: sosyo-ekonomikong kalagayan at pampolitikang kamalayan ng kababaihang mananahi sa San Miguel, Bulacan.Buenaventura, Mylin D.
2012-03Malacolocical survey along the intertidal zone of Las Piñas, Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism area (LPPCHEA).Aguila, Carla Clarise A.; Chavez, Geneva Carla S.
2013-04Malacological survey of the intertidal zone in Brgy. Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite.Canonoy, Marynole Christian A.; Justo, Maria Clarissa Z.
2018-06Mammo: An Application of Convolutional Neural Networks on Breast Cancer ScreeningAngeles, Sigfreed John
2012-03Managing Philippine labor migration: government and NGO interventions for the protection of Filipino migrant workers.Daquis, Ciara May Rabino
2012May ginhawa ba sa paglaya? : a phenomenological study of post-imprisonment coping mechanisms of former female prisoners.Tablante, Ma. Delica Nova M.
2012-03Medical tourism in Philippine healthcare.Coronel, Caresse Yvonne Cayetano
2018-06Mem2Speech: An Intelligent Character Recognition-to-Speech Application Using Long Short-Term Memory NetworksGonzalvo, Jerome Patrick
2009-03Metro Muslim: a study on the resettlement of Filipino Muslims in Metro ManilaGagarin, Mae Angeline R.
2013-04Microarray Data Clustering Using Self-Organizing MapsSolano, Geoffrey A.; Marasigan, Zach Andrei V.
2012-05Microbiological quality of fruit salads in selected sites in Ermita, Manila area.Bilbao, Mel Christian C.; Oaferina, Eusebio Mc Leo E.
2016-06Missing Persons and Wanted Fugitives Information and Reporting System Using Face Recognition for Cross-MatchingGasmen, Perlita; Policarpio, Alee Ciaral
2014-04Mobi-MAPP: A Mobile Application for Quick Alert and Monitoring of DisastersMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Ballicud, Neil Patrick U.
2016-06Mobile Application: Informative Camera (MAICAM) for COA and ANSA-EAPGasmen, Perlita; Maico, Jaimelyn
2011-04Mobile – based Pregnancy Support and Healthcare (MPreSH) Information SystemCarpio, Avegail D.; Lugtu, Jesssica Loida B.
2012-03The moderating role of religiosity in the relationship between job demand and perceived workplace stress among employees of the Antipolo City Hall.Butial, Janine Rey
2013-04Modulation of brain dopamine levels in East Asian honey bee (Apis cerana) workers from queenless and queenright colonies.Fermin, Alyssa Nicole Y.; Paculan, Shannon Junhelyn S.
2014-05Molecular and Morphological Evidence for Novel Begonia species from Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National ParkDe Layola, Llogene B.; Virata, Arthur Gregory N.