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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06RADIOFREQUENCY MAPPING OF AN OMNIDIRECTIONAL ANTENNA IN AN OUTDOOR DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMDomingo, Herbert B.; Fernandez, Randy Joseph G.; Uy, Realyn Joy L.; Joyas, Annie Lorraine B.; Oftana, Mayneth Vince R.
2018-05RaDSS V02: A Radiolarian Classifier Using Convolutional Neural NetworkQuisote, Micah
2011-04Refactoring VirHoLex References and Image Hotspots ModulesMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Morales, Jeric Jon C.
2012-04Relationship between communication satisfaction and stress among employees of Sunnelit Philippines Corporation.Jandayan, Beatriz A.
2012-04Relationship between corporate lies and motivation in company X.Yecla, Carla Mia R.
2012-04The Relationship between Directive Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction as ModeratedAbiog, Patricia Ivana L.
2012-04The relationship between perceived stress and parent-adolescent communication: A study on first-year college students from the Philippine Women’s University.Samarista, Joshua L.
2012-04The relationship between the big five factors of personality and risk behavior among Filipino managers.Legion, Maria Karen Cristine G.
2012-04Relationship between the satisfaction with co-worker and supervisor working relationship and turnover.Salanguit, Janel Litz C.
2013-04Relationship of Soil Fertility to Aboveground Biomass of Rain Forest Trees at Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.Bilasano, Deborah E.; dela Victoria, Joy A.
2014-04Relationships between herbivory and plant defense characters among selected trees in La Mesa Watershed.Buerano, Karl Christian F.; Santos, Jordan P.
2018-05Reliable and Robust File Transfer System over Short Messaging SystemAdvento, Axel Philip
2008-04REND VISUALIZATION TOOL: An Automation and Simulation with Conversion System of four different notations (DFA, NFA, ε-NFA, Regular Expression) of Regular LanguageMagboo, Vincent Peter C.; Pasco, John Christopher C.
2014-04Renewable Energy Act of 2008: assessment and monitoring of the implementation of the law (2008-2013).Macalalag, Lawrence Miguel M.
2014-04Resuscitating the dead: a critical analysis of the mothballed BNPP and the future plans for the deferred plant.Gavino, Albert
2013-04A Reversible Watermarking Java Application for Medical ImagesMagboo, Vincent Peter C.; Pantano, Dan M.
2011-03The rise of local industries in Olongapo City after the exodus of American Armed Forces.Cruz, Leo Frederick Z.
2012-06The Role and Effect of Television Media on Violence against Women and the LGBT CommunityCongbalay, Aichu Therese Luy
2017-05ROX-RMS: Point of Sale, Inventory Management, and GIS-Based Real-Time Sales Monitoring for Recreational Outdoor Exchange (R.O.X.)Real, Roldan
2010-03RP-China Bilateral Agreements on Economic Loans under the Arroyo Administration: An AnalysisMayoca, Katrina Jane O.