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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04Sa mata ng kabataang Pilipino: adolescents’ perceptions of sexual intimacy, teenage pregnancy and its consequences.General, Jojana Christine Poloyapoy
2012-04Salivary gland analysis of different species of Anopheles mosquitoes from Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac, Philippines for the presence of Plasmodium sp. sporozoites.De Villa, Renellie Mae F.; Arciaga, Robert Ryan M.
2014-04Schistosomiasis Snail Surveillance and Human Prevalence Geographic Information SystemSolano, Geoffrey A.; Goco, Gerald M.
2012-03Screening for salt stress tolerance in different varieties of Oryza sativa L.Imai, Tsuyoshi; Sevilla, Laurence
2014-04Scrum Project Planner Primer - a software engineering tool for university settingTerrado, Bernie B.; Escotido, Alyra Y.
2014-04Section of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition's Out-Patient Database SystemCarpio, Avegail D.; Leus, Hannah Kariza
2016-06Secure Computation Outsourcing of Genome-Wide Association Studies Using Homomorphic EncryptionChua, Richard Bryann; Ladisla, Angelica Khryss Yvanne
2015-06Secure Multiparty Computation for Generating Health Data StatisticsChua, Richard Bryann L.; Navarro, Jairus Mari H.
2015-06Secure Multiparty Computation for Internet VotingChua, Richard Bryann L.; Piscos, Joyce Anne L.
2017-06Secure Remote Genome-wide Association Studies Using Fully Homomorphic EncryptionCruz, Joey Andrea
2018-05Sentiment Analysis Using Customizable Naive Bayes ClassifierPasia, Alyssa Jayne
2016-06Shoot UP Manila Event Documentation Request and Membership Performance Tracking SystemIgnacio, Marvin John; Enriquez, Marquee Mae
2012Si Mama o si Yaya?: a comparative study on the lived experiences of Filipino youth raised by caregivers versus mothers.Jacobe, Rebekah Jean Sulit
2003-04Simulating the Rivest – Shamir – Adleman Algorithm by Creating a Messaging SystemZamora, Philip D.; Patino, Jose Marciano C.
2008-04Simulation of DNA Motion in Entropic TrappingSolano, Geoffrey A.; Gorospe, Ruth E.
2013-04A SOCIAL BOOKMARKING AND ANNOTATION TOOLCo, Aldrich Colin K.; Marquez, Joanna Marie A.
2016-06Social Protection and Support Initiative (SPSI): SAGIP Information System version 2.0 Registration Module and Referral ModuleMagboo, Ma. Sheila; Recido, Jayrell
2012-03Social support as a moderating variable between stress and well-being: a descriptive study of social support among call center agents in organization X.Castro, Monica Belina
2014-03The socio-political impact of Makati City to its sister cities.Yap, Christian F. II
2012-03Soil fungal species isolated the causeway in Calacan Bay, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque.Masigan, Maureen Margaret R.; Fernandez, Erin Liane D.