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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-03Unemployment and the OFW phenomenon: an evaluation of the outward-oriented job generation policy of the Arroyo administration.Lopez, Christine Amerie C.
2016-06University of the Philippines - Manila Learning Resource Center Tutorial Management SystemCarpio, Avegail; Quizon, Maria Reena
2012-10University of the Philippines Manila Institutional RepositoryCo, Aldrich Colin K.; Arceo, Ahmad A.
2012-04Unmasking the ‘Good Samaritan’: perceived Organizational Support and Impression Management as antecedents of organizational citizenship behavior.Recla, Jenny Mae B.
2016-06UP Manila Course Timetabling System (UPM CTS)Gasmen, Perlita; Ladia, John Renz
2012-03UP Manila students working in call centers: a case study.Domagsang, Janyn Joie P.
2015-06UP-PGH Department of Otorhinolaryngology Operating Room Scheduling SystemTerrado, Bernie B.; Lanuza, Raphael Mari N.
2007-04UPM CASH OFFICE Collection and Check Disbursement System (CACHED)Magboo, Vincent Peter C.; Contreras, Cytrioelle A.
2011-03UPM GUI LaTeX Thesis EditorSolano, Geoffrey A.; Gomez, Jolly Pearl P.
2009-03Urban poverty in the City of Manila: the case of the jeepney, FX and taxi barkers in the city.Navarro, Rachell Y.
2015-01ValSci: Student/Faculty PortalMagboo, Vincent Peter C.; Alcantara, Jezra Y.
2014-04Vector-Borne Diseases Monitoring System (VBDMS)Magboo, Vincent Peter C.; Saringan, Sherwin Keith B.
2003-04The Vehicle Routing System of Makati A Java-based Vehicle Route Finder Application, Implementing a Two-Phase HeuristicMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Mesa, Jerome P.
2013-04VirHoLex 2.0 (Virus-Host Interaction Lexicon)Magboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Concepcion, Auradee B.
2018-06Visual Performance Test for Patients with Glaucoma using Virtual RealityRonquillo, Angelene
2012-04Visualization of Multivariate Health Data using Self-Organizing MapsSolano, Geoffrey A.; Ghany, Mark Lester Y.
2016-06Votemind: Using Sharemind for Privacy and Verifiability in Internet VotingChua, Richard Bryann; Dang-awan, Ruahden
2016-06Voterify: Using The Homomorphic Encryption Project (THEP) to Provide Privacy and Verifiability in Internet VotingChua, Richard Bryann; Occeño, Marvin Joseph
2003-04VOTER’S INFORMATION SYSTEM: PRECINCT MAPPINGBaes, Gregorio B.; Dimaunahan, Alfredo Reyes