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Title: Online Home Remedy Center for Self-Manageable Injuries and Common Illnesses
Authors: Magboo, Vincent Peter C.
Ortiz, Mario E. Jr.
Keywords: Home Remedies
First Aid
Emergency Medicine
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Abstract: An online health portal acts as a repository for all useful information about a certain health field such as journals, articles, links, videos, images and other data that may be useful to certain users who are in need or are interested in that certain health field. The Online Home Remedy and First Aid Portal is an online health portal that deals with the field of home remedies and first aid treatment. Despite the rapid pace of developments in technology and its effect on helping people in various ways, there are no existing central resources for first aid and home remedies in the Philippines. The University of the Philippines Manila’s status as one of the country’s leading health resource can give credence to a university-sponsored online health portal. The Online Home Remedy and First Aid Portal aims to disseminate credible health information about all the various health domains, specifically regarding home remedies and first aid, answer frequently asked questions, schedule events or seminars and moderate messages and discussions by the users. The Online Home Remedy and First Aid Portal is a web based system which is a useful tool in the education of people about the topic of home remedies, emergency care and first aid.
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