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Title: XML GUI Generator (XGG): an XML User Interface Language for Java Swing
Authors: Magboo, Ma. Sheila A.
Balderrama, Roy Gian S.P
Keywords: XML
Java Swing
Model View Controller paradigm
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Abstract: XML UI Language (XUL) is a new way in creating Graphical User Interface Applications in the web or in native platforms via an HTML like syntax of an XML file. XUL is very expressive and makes creating GUI application easier. XUL in Java is mostly focused in web development and is implemented by dynamically reading XML files each time the application starts, therefore requiring that all items in the XML files matches other parts of the application. XGG, instead of dynamically processing the XML file, compiles the XML file and outputs it as a structured Java code, which when compiled produces the desired screen output. XGG also creates a file where all the methods and variables needed by the screen are placed, and updates it when needed. XGG also supports Style Sheets via another XML file, binding of a Java Class file or a database result, proper indention in generated code, overwriting the drawing functions of a Swing Component and automatically compiling and testing the output. XGG architecture is based strictly on the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm, where a GUI application is split into 3 parts, effectively separating code and making integration and maintenance easier.
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