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Title: UPM CASH OFFICE Collection and Check Disbursement System (CACHED)
Authors: Magboo, Vincent Peter C.
Contreras, Cytrioelle A.
Keywords: Accounting System
Information System
Disbursement System
Receipts/Income Collections and Deposits System
Financial Reporting System
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Abstract: The UP Manila Collection and Cash Disbursement System (CACHED) is a web-based application designed to automate the collection and check disbursement processes of the UP Manila Cash Office. It consists of several users, namely: the accounting clerk, the cashier, the chief cashier, the assessment checkers, and the system administrator. Modification of financial details like fund types, bank accounts, account codes, responsibility centers and transaction types are the functionalities given to the accounting clerk. The system allows the assessment checkers to add privileges and scholarship records as well as regular and special assessment entries for a student. On the other hand, the cashier can handle the check disbursement processes. He can enter check details to the system, print details on check and print check duplicates. Moreover, the system allows the cashier to determine the breakdown of fees for each type of transaction and collect payments. During registration, the system automatically extracts assessment values from the Computerized Registration System (CRS) database and displays the breakdown of registration fees for each student in the cashier’s screen. The Chief Cashier can void payments made on the same day. Generation of different reports (i.e. collection reports, check reports, accounting reports, assessment and registration reports) is handled by CACHED. The System Administrator is in charge of managing user accounts as well as viewing the system logs. There is also a backup functionality that allows the administrator to backup and restore the database to an earlier time. Furthermore, anonymous guests can view the list of available checks for pickup online at any time and any day.
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