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Authors: Carpio, Avegail D.
Yeban, Ryan M.
Keywords: Bioaccumulation
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Issue Date: Apr-2003
Abstract: An international warning has been raised against a dangerous group of chemicals, the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). They are a class of chemicals that are capable of long-range transport, can accumulate into plant and animal tissues and can persist for a long period of time. Pollutant concentration within living tissues is dangerous; it would cause various health problems. This threat is further worsened by the fact that even if a pollutant was not manufactured in an area, it could reach distant places far from where it was originally produced. It is a good precaution if people know of the presence of POPs in their area. The Online Persistent Organic Pollutant Information and Surveying System is developed in order to serve as means of risk assessment for citizens and authorities, so that they may take proper action in response to the threat. The system allows the general public to view the map marking pollutant concentration of different POPs within Metro Manila. Staff from the Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau, known as the field researcher, is allowed to input areas of pollutant concentration and environmental data from these areas. The system leaves to the chemical analyst the task of verifying and accepting or rejecting data submitted by field researchers. The chemical analyst is also allowed to add and edit pollutant records. The system administrator manages the accounts of other system users. All of the registered users are allowed access to the bulletin board, where they could hold discussions concerning system issues. The system is able to make predictions of the future levels of POPs concentration. Although, this neglects transfer of pollutants from other areas and also disregards pollutants produced after the data's time of entry.
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